Carnet de Voyage

Carnet de Voyage

"Carnet de Voyage" is your exclusive pass to a world of extraordinary design which knows no boundaries. High quality stones cast in gold is just the start of your journey.

From there, Tornaghi will take you through the world of precious pieces, designed and created for you.

The unparalleled network of sources will uncover your favorite pieces. From gala earrings and Diamond strands to stacked bracelets and sparkling rings.

We are pleased to introduce you to this journey for an unforgettable "voyage".



Remida Tornaghi is not your traditional jeweler. We do not believe in following the path, but rather we approach our design through a process that combines interpretation with reality to express a unique aesthetic. Our aim is to make a precious accessory that is at the same time, classic, modern and contemporary.

Applying geometry in gentle curves with unconventional surfaces and monochromatic colours, Remida Tornaghi creates contemporary and lasting jewelery designs.

Andrea Tornaghi


Forty years ago, Remida Tornaghi opened to great acclaim. Now, as we celebrate four decades of creating beautiful and timeless jewelery designs for the most discerning women around the world, we look to the future as a moment in time to reach new heights.

The world of jewelry has changed over the years as habits and also the way of wearing it have evolved. We have always worked to keep up with this evolution.

We are proud that our creations are designed for women and men who consider precious ornaments not only a luxury, but as a way of representing themselves.
With a focus on unique designs that feel contemporary but with a nod to the past, we look forward to welcoming you and walking you through the collections with one of our brand ambassadors.